AUB Robotics Club aims to build a closely-knit group of members who carry an interest in robotics-related fields, and who are willing to dedicate their time and effort to improve the level of robotics, electronics, control, mechatronics, and other related areas in AUB. Our community aims to give students a practical experience, mainly through workshops, competitions, and projects.

The club functions as a society; we seek to empower our members, and give them the chance to independently organize events under the umbrella of our club. We want to give resources and connections for any member who shows initiative in related fields.
The club’s goal is to enrich the robotics-related fields in the region starting from the American University of Beirut and reaching other institutions and units in the region.

The club collaborates and is willing to collaborate with institutions and organizations interested in the same field with the same vision for the development of the region.