Build It Weekend

A peek into the future!

What & When is it?

The Build It Weekend is a yearly, national, university-level hardware hackathon weekend; organized jointly by the AUB Robotics Club and the IEEE AUB Student Branch.

The second iteration of build-it weekend will be held from 16-18 February, 2017; teams from 3-5 students take part in a 48-hour prototyping frenzy to design, build, and program a working prototype of a project that is both innovative and useful. An exhibition will be held at the end of the event, where each team will showcase their project, and have it assessed by a panel of judges. Prizes of $1500 were given to the top teams.

A prepared technical team will help you to reach your target. You choose a project based on your level and challenge yourself to do it – being a “building” hackathon, our goal is to ‘Get Your Hands Dirty’ anddevelop your prototyping skills. We just need the project to be a cool (and working) prototype. There are no constraints when it comes to picking the topic, but we provided a list of suggested ideas for students to look at.

What should we bring with us?

Laptops and a basic toolbox. A large set of parts and tools will be at your disposal. Also, you will have access to the manufacturing workshops, and CNC machines at AUB. Don’t worry if you don’t know how to use them, come and you will learn! A special team will be available toprovide technical assistance and advice.

N.B.: Each team will have a dedicated budget to order new parts for their project if the available inventory is not enough.

To register, fill this form:

Registration for the event is free and open to all university students in Lebanon.

Click here to go to the Gallery of last year’s event.



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