Build It Weekend 3.0

Build It Weekend 3.0 took place on Friday, February 8 until Sunday, February 10, during which around 150 undergraduate and graduate students from all over Lebanon gathered at AUB. The goal? Come up with a creative, innovative and unique prototype, using absolutely whatever comes to your mind: professional tools such as 3D printers and components ranging from simple mechanisms to more complex models.


Meeting point: AUB at 5pm. As soon as the attendees began to arrive, an opening ceremony was held to briefly explain the rules of the Competition and its procedure. All teams then gained access to the Labs at Oxy Engineering Complex to start their weekend of thinking, designing and building.


48 hours of sleeplessness, brain stimulation and defiance. The outcome? Five winning prototypes awarded prizes and a full access to Beirut Mini Maker Faire 2019.


1st place – $700 prize

“The Mechs” (USJ-ESIB) designed a virtual keypad security gate based on laser emitters and opto-sensors along with an app for security notifications.


2nd place – $500 prize

“KEK” (AUST) presented a tailored V plotter which uses vectors instead of pixels to draw portraits.


3rd place – $300 prize

“Requiem for a Machine” (AUB) came up with a smart Braille plotting machine based on a CNC and voice command app: English is translated to Braille language.


4th place

“Late registration” (AUB) built a dyslexic tailored piano with light commands and automated instructor guide lessons.


5th place

“Spidy” (AUB) for their work on a spider-looking robot with suction cup ends, camera, and ultrasonic sensors. The robot is tailored for duct and air vents inspection without having the air flow compromising the robot’s structural integrity. It comes with a software interface for remote control as well as image and video recording.


All of the prototypes were thoroughly examined and evaluated by Dr. Mazen Saghir, Dr. Imad El Hajj, Dr. Youssef Tawk and Dr. Bassel Jalaleddine before being announced. The grading criteria consisted of creativity, aesthetics and performance.


We are proud to have hosted such event where everyone was a helping hand, but mostly we are happy that the participants put their heart into the Competition.


Congratulations to our winners and everyone who participated, we hope to see you next year!


A big thank you to everyone who contributed into making this event a huge success: Beirut Electronic Shop (BEC), Cube 3DB, Burger King, Lamba Labs and Light FM.

Check the event images here.

Photos credits: Mais Hatem Photography