Engineering Design Challenge 3: Frequently-Asked Questions

Question: What is the maximum size/width/weight of the robot?

There are no limitations enforced in the rules themselves on the robot. However, some games enforce some constraints that would affect the size of the robot. You need to pay attention to those and design your robot accordingly

Question: Where can I get the fields/drawings?

They’re available on the website here. If they’re not opening, try using 7-zip.

Question: Is the robot allowed to start partially outside the PIT area/outside the field?

The robot has to start completely inside the PIT area at the beginning of each round.

Question: Can a part of the robot stay outside the field/move outside the field?

No, the robot needs to completely stay within the field, otherwise the 2 point penalty applies and the robot is brought to the PIT, as described in the rules.

Question: Can an external navigation system be used to guide the robot?

As external interaction is not allowed in the Surveying and Terraforming games, no external navigation system is allowed in the two games. However, for the Base Building game, external control is allowed, and you can integrate the navigation system as part of your control.

Question: Will the objects’ positions in game 2 and 3 be the same as the ones given in the track drawings?

The boulders places in Terraforming (game 2) are not fixed. But, everything else including the starting position of algae units, and the locations of the destinations are fixed in the games.
In Base Building, everything is fixed as is in the game drawings.

Question: What will the distance between the deposits be in game 1?

The distance between deposits and obstacles in the Surveying game is guaranteed to be at least 40cm.

Question: Can I have a computer controlling the robot in games 1 and 2?

We are going to allow computers doing the processing; as long as computers are kept in the pit area throughout the match.

Team members are not allowed to interact with the computer while the robots are outside the pit area – touching the computer counts as touching the robot; returning the robot to the pit area and incurring a 2pt penalty.

Question: Can I brace the wall?

If your robot depends on the wall for navigation, you can brace the wall from outside so it does not flex; as long as no interaction with the robot occurs.