Introduction to Control Design Using Simulink

Workshop Overview

This workshop will be using Simulink to design and tune a PID controller using Ziegler Nichols method and apply it on the Quanser DC motor in the Control Lab. The workshop will start with introducing the control concepts that we will deal with. Then, students are faced with a small project with specifications for which they have to design the PID and tune it accordingly.

Learning Outcomes

  • Learn how to use Simulink for the purpose of PID design
  • Learn the Ziegler Nichols method for PID design
  • Learn efficient ways to effectively tune a PID controller to the desired specifications
  • Apply the theory to practice and checking deviations of hardware from software


Knowledge of the following concepts:

  • Basic Laplace Transform
  • Transfer Functions


The main presenter will be Hala Khodr and assisting her Fares Al Jajeh

Hardware/software setup

Everything is set. However for your information, Quanser cube requires the Quarc package on Simulink for interfacing. The package requires certain versions of MATLAB (latest compatibility is 2014a) and visual studio 2010.

Workshop files