Introduction to Kalman filters

Workshop Overview

This workshop introduces you to designing a high fidelity estimator of a certain variable, using (possibly noisy) sensor reading and the system dynamics.

Learning Outcomes

  • To get a flavor of common automatic control concepts.
  • To explore Kalman filters; a powerful method used to refine noisy and delayed signals.
  • To get a sense of real implementation techniques.
  • To try to simulate a ‘close enough’ model of a process.


You should have a strong mathematical background, to apply it in modelling and to do good approximations. Also, a basic knowledge of programming logic is a must. Knowing MATLAB and Simulink is a plus.


Qusai Suwan ([email protected])

Hardware/software setup

We will have the session in a lab equipped with Simulink. You do not need to bring anything with you to the workshop.

Workshop files