Mobile Robot Manipulation

Workshop Overview

Mobile Robot Manipulation workshop aims to provide an introduction to the basic components that a mobile robot needs in order to autonomously navigate in an environment. The components include Electronics such as H-Bridge, Motors, and Arduino along with sensors such as Line tracking sensor, encoders, and accelerometers. Finally, the workshop discusses basic control schemes for a line following application and apply it to the assembled mobile robots.

Learning Outcomes

  • Introduce basic components of an autonomous mobile robot
  • Control the mobile robot subcomponents together with Arduino
  • Interface the components with one another to obtain moving robot
  • Apply ON/OFF controller to get a line following mobile robot


  • Arduino Basics Workshop or prior knowledge of how to program Arduino.
  • Understanding of circuits and electronics is a plus


Hardware/Software Setup

Software: Arduino
Hardware: Mobile Robot Kits provided by AUB Robotics Club

Workshop material