Interfacing with Raspberry Pi

Workshop overview

The workshop provides you with an introduction to Raspberry Pi, a popular mini computer with GPIO pins and many capabilities. The workshop begins with introductions to good handling practices, linux operating system and terminal, the Python programming language, OpenCV setup and usage, and GPIO pins control. In the end we integrate OpenCV with GPIO pins to demonstrate one of the many possible projects that can be done using a Raspberry Pi.

Learning Outcomes

  • Handle a Raspberry Pi correctly
  • Get familiar with the linux terminal and Python
  • Extract data out of video streams or images using OpenCV and Python
  • Control external electronics using the Raspberry Pi GPIO pins
  • Understand the feasibility of projects on the Pi


Some programming experience is needed.


Rami Awar ([email protected]) and Qusai Suwan ([email protected])

Hardware/Software setup

Groups will be provided with a Raspberry Pi with a monitor, mouse, and keyboard.

Workshop files

Useful resources