WiFi and Bluetooth Communication Basics

Workshop Overview

The workshop aims to serve as an introduction to WiFi and Bluetooth communication, using Arduino as a testing platform. The WiFi part will be done using the ESP-01 board; communicating with it using AT commands to connect to ThingSpeak – an online datalogging platform. The bluetooth part will focus on communicating serially with the HC-06 Bluetooth module, in a simple wireless light-switch application.

Learning Outcomes

  • To have a basic idea about¬†WiFi and Bluetooth communication.
  • To be able to use AT commands to communicate with the ESP-01 board.
  • To understand the basics of the HC-06 Bluetooth module.


Basic Arduino and programming knowledge is needed to fully understand the setup.


Iman Sonji¬†([email protected]) and Mohammad Shabaan ([email protected]).

Workshop files